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Maple Burl Cap is mounted on my Stubby S750 Lathe. View is from the headstock, this will be the top of the bowl. Rough dimension is 28" wide x 4" high. The top of the bowl has been turned flat leaving the beginning of the top edge of the bowl. The top part of the wing is turned to completion. View from the tailstock showing the heavy pinnacles of the top part of the burl cap. This will become the bottom.
View from the tail stock showing the bottom of the bowl partially shaped and a tenon turned for attaching the bowl to a 4-Jaw chuck. The bottom part of the wing has been completed. View shows a closeup of the tenon. Bowl is reversed and held by the 4-jaw chuck.
Beginning to turn the inside of the bowl. The tail stock is used to provide more stability. It will be removed after the wing has been completed and part of the inside removed. Inside wood removed to desired wall thickness. Bowl mounted between centers using a vacuum chuck, vacuum is turned off at this time, pressure from tail stock holding bowl securely.
View of vacuum motor/stand and connection of vacuum chuck for eventual holding of the bowl to complete the bottom. With tail stock maintaing pressure, the tenon is turned down until approximately 1/2" in size at which time the Vacuum motor is turned on. Tail stock is now removed, bowl held firmly by vacuum chuck, and the bottom is completed.
Turning completed and sanded, bowl awaits the application of the finish. Final completed dimension is 25 1/2"w x 3"h. Side view of bowl. One coat of deft semi-gloss lacquer has been applied by brush which will be followed by 7 more coats applied with an HVLP sprayer on "bowl spraying days". Top and side view of almost completed bowl. When spraying day comes around I will spray 7 coats of Deft semi-gloss lacquer as the final finish. I will then exchange this photo with a photo showing the completed bowl.

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