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#1. Maple Burl Wing Bowl
14"w x 3 1/2"h
#2. Carob Salad Bowl
9 1/4"w x 5 1/4"h
#3. Elm Crotch Natural Edge Bowl
11 7/8"w x 6"h
#4. Sycamore Leaf Carved Vessel
11 1/2"w x 6 1/4"h
#5. Red Mallee Wing Bowl
8 1/4"w x 3"h
#6. Maple Burl Natural Edge Vessel w/Cocobolo cap
10 1/8"w x 5"h
#7. Valley Oak Vessel
8 1/4"w x 5 7/8"h
#8. Maple Burl Natural Edge Bowl
8 1/4"w x 7"h
#9. Maple Burl Natural Edge "Volcano"
19 3/4"w x 4 7/8"h
#10. Ash Natural Edge Bowl
10"w x 6"h
#11. Ash Vessel
9 3/4"w x 4 1/4"h
#12. Live Oak Natural Edge Bowl
10 3/8"w x 5 1/2"h

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