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Maple Burl, with ends rounded on my bandsaw, is mounted on my Woodfast Lathe. View is from the headstock, this will be the top of the bowl. Rough dimension is 19" wide x 12" high. View from the Tail Stock. This will be the bottom of the bowl and will require turning a tenon for mounting on a chuck. Outside turned to final shape. Bark became loose and was partially removed.
Bottom view showing a tenon turned for attaching the bowl to a 4-Jaw chuck. Bowl held by a chuck for removal of the inside wood. Remainder of bark was removed. Tail stock is used to add stability, it will later be removed. Inside of the bowl removed, edges are left thick to allow for warpage while drying. The bowl will be re-turned to finished dimension once dry.
Top view of completed rough turned and sealed bowl, white substance is a parafin based sealer applied to inhibit cracking. Side view showing the tenon used for holding the bowl with a 4-Jaw chuck. This allows the removal of the inside wood to the desired wall thickness. Click image for a larger view and to see how the 4-jaw chuck is used.
Side view of bowl. Final rough turned dimension is 17 1/8"w x 9 3/4" high.
Side view of the rough turned bowl with parafin based sealer. Note the bowl wall thickness that will allow for warpage prior to final turning. Side view of the completed bowl with 7 coats of Deft Semi-gloss Lacquer. Final completed dimension is 16"w x 9"h. Top view of the completed bowl.

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